Fundamental Skills

1. Harai-goshi - Sweeping hip

2. Uchi-mata - Inner thigh

3. Ude-gatame - Straight Arm lock

4. Waki-gatame - Armpit lock


Performance Skills

1. Free practice – Randori (attack & defend) with a co-operative partner

2. Defence with hip block and principles of Renraku-waza

3. Selected Renraku-waza combinations (example: Harai-goshi into O-soto-gari)

4. Any combination with Ko-uchi-gake


Player’s Choice: demonstrate four favourite techniques *See also note below



Renraku-waza - Combination techniques  - where the 2nd technique uses the reaction of the 1st tech to throw opponent in the completely opposite direction

To know common English translation of Japanese terminology used in this section

 *Note: It is expected that the player will select appropriate techniques. (Demonstrations must include two

combinations, two counters and two transitions into ne-waza. Combinations and counters can be either tachi-waza

or ne-waza or a combination of both. Techniques must be demonstrated in an appropriate practical situation that

includes attacking opportunity, best grip and appropriate movement).

NB. Candidates must also know the terminology from all previous gradings



Mon Grading Techniques

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