Fundamental Skills

1. Tani-otoshi - Valley drop

2. Yoko-guruma - Side wheel

3. Ude-garami - Entangled arm lock


Performance Skills

1. Free practice – Randori (attack & defend) with a co-operative partner

2. Knowledge of selected Kaeshi-waza combinations

3. Ude-garami from Kuzure-kesa-gatame

4. Kumi-Kata (gripping) skills (right and left)


Player’s Choice: demonstrate four favourite techniques from the BJA Technical Grading Syllabus and demonstrate them individually and then as a series of combinations and counters *See also note below



Kaeshi-waza - Counter techniques

To know the common English translation and meaning of Japanese terminology used in this section

 *Note: It is expected that the player will select appropriate techniques. (Demonstrations must include two

combinations, two counters and two transitions into ne-waza. Combinations and counters can be either tachi-waza

or ne-waza or a combination of both. Techniques must be demonstrated in an appropriate practical situation that

includes attacking opportunity, best grip and appropriate movement).

NB. Candidates must also know the terminology from all previous gradings


Mon Grading Techniques

12th Mon to 13th Mon

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